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“We must create places where the heart and mind can breathe, where the soul can turn to God in a very concrete way.”
Cardinal Sarah


Holy Family Farm

As we have only recently purchased the residence and 60-acre property, we could say the farm itself is being formed.  Over an acre of wooded land has been cleared and seeded – ready for creating a large organic garden, storage and utility barn, fruit orchard, and areas for free-range poultry.  Our goal is not to engage in industrial agriculture, rather, smaller-scale regenerative farming not only to serve the needs of our community but to share our abundance with others. 


Other areas of the property will be duly cleared and utilized for animal pens and pasture for cattle grazing.  The wooded acreage also provides an abundant source of wood for winter heating, milling for building material, and hand-made products. It is our hope that the farm will – in time -produce edible and durable goods which will be marketed to help sustain our mission.

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