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"Christians must have the strength to form oases where the air is breathable, where quite simply, Christian life is possible.” 
- Cardinal Robert Sarah

Our Mission


The mission of Holy Family Farm is to help young men discover who they are in the person of Jesus Christ.  Our program of prayer, manual work and learning forms young men in the Christian life, and develops a deep awareness and confidence in their God-given identity and purpose.

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“Human formation. It is the greatest poverty of this generation. ” 

 Dr. Greg Bottaro

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Human and spiritual formation is principally the work of the Holy Spirit at work in healthy families, education, and social structures.  Sadly, these essential ingredients are often missing in the lives of today’s young people. For this reason, Holy Family Farm provides a structure and context in which healthy formation can happen!  Here, we coined the term “farmation” – a process of becoming a faith-filled man with a plan and purpose for his life.  


As all things get old, human beings should grow old, that is, mature and with age and experience really become better. While technology provides instant access to information, personal interaction with God, others, and even nature, produces insight, knowledge of the truth, and valuable wisdom. In a world which is increasingly becoming more virtual, Holy Family Farm provides a place where one becomes more virtuous. By creating a healthy distance from the distractions and often injurious effects of social media, a young man’s heart and mind are purified and sanctified.


Older members of the community act as mentors for the younger, teaching them not only how to do things correctly, but how to correctly judge things. While the farm lacks a formal classroom, instruction is certainly not lacking – in the field, workshop, kitchen, and perhaps even in the chapel.

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What To Expect

The recommended stay at Holy Family Farm is one year depending on the needs of the individual.  Since we live as a family, it is expected the young men exhibit certain signs of maturity in social skills, a sense of responsibility, capacity for manual work, and readiness of sacrificial and selfless service towards others.


Ours days begin and end earlier than most. Our first time for prayer – Office of Readings - is at 6 am. Night Prayer concludes the day at 9 pm. Of course, every morning the community gathers for Holy Mass and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the evening. Our days also begin and end with a period of respectful silence for personal prayer, spiritual reading, and reflection. A priest-chaplain is also readily available for some spiritual direction and the Sacrament of Confession.


It is our hope that those who desire to spend time at Holy Family Farm will be able to articulate the reason for their stay.  For some, the farm will provide a place to experience a greater liberty from unhealthy attachments, for others, some needed time for prayer to discern their next step in life. In the end, one comes to Holy Family Farm for a new beginning.       

What To Expect
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“Our communities must put God at the center of our lives, our liturgies, and our churches.."
Cardinal Sarah

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